Bridging and Gateways

Can also sync with a CardDAV server to some extent

Heavy work in progress, but this would be really nice to have for a personal xmpp server.
fedilink Bifrost Matrix gateway with massive improvements
The developers behind have been working hard to improve their Bifrost fork for both room bridging and by adding experimental MAM support for the gateway mode. Sadly no sign of upstream being interested to merged the changes, but maybe once they see the massive improvements they will wake up ;)
0 Bifrost Matrix gateway with massive improvements

This is a new project, but sadly [as explained here](, it is just a multi-user puppeteering gateway for Matrix users: > You write it your jid and password in a private chat, it connects to the XMPP server and creates a matrix room for each contact in the roster. Basic text messages work flawlessly in both directions. Sadly Bifrost is almost unusable from the XMPP side. I really wish there was a nicer gateway from XMPP to Matrix.

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IRC gateway for XMPP MUCs?
I always thought it would be nice to have a reverse Biboumi to allow people to connect to XMPP MUCs easily from their IRC client. There is a long abandoned project called xmpp-ircd, but according to the author it would require a full rewrite to be really usable. So maybe we could find someone willing to add XMPP component support to the really excellent [Soju IRC bouncer]( That would probably be the least effort to get really nice IRCv3 support.

There is a fundraiser (money managed by the XSF, the project and developers aren't related though) to add history support to the Matrix/XMPP bridge Bifrost, check it out, and possibly throw them a few bucks if you're frequently bridging to Matrix rooms!

Replaces the Zhabogram one.

Crossgeposted von: > With partial puppeteering support, looks pretty cool. But probably needs to be updated to the latest to work.

Crossgeposted von: > Basically allows you to receive emails on your XMPP address. Seems quite useful for notification and sign-up emails etc.

Bridging and Gateways
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