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Fellas, I need help working on a user interface. I want to add controls, like a toolbar of sorts I guess, to this project (a calorie counter). It seems like I'd want them within the recipe and diary stacks, since the controls are the same, but not the stats stack, since that's just for displaying information. This idea though, seems super awkward. I could add a menu bar to the whole thing instead, but I'm writing for mobile. Neither idea seems good. I could work on an ncurses version instead, until Trisquel releases GTK4, libadwaita and newer versions of libhandy. All this does though, is push the issue into the future. Any ideas on how to proceed?

Ncurses woes
I've found a new project to obsess over. It's a calorie tracking app. I spent quite a while implementing the guts. Now I'm working on the UI. GUI stuff however, has been a pain. On Trisquel, I'm limited to GTK3 and ncurses. I'll implement both, but I'm working on the ncurses version so it'll be easier to write the GTK version. The trouble with writing a full-blown ui in ncurses is, it's getting very big, very fast. It's a lot of repeated code that I realize can be shrunken down if there were such a thing as a widget toolkit for ncurses. This realization, is as cursed as a ouija board on a Friday the 13th, guarded by a black cat underneath a ladder. I'm worried that the UI is going to end up being too big to maintain if I keep going forward as is, but creating and pasting a set of widgets is likely a project of its own. Fellas, do you have any ideas on how I should proceed? ![Program screenshot]( ![Code screenshot](

Is this the future of Java?
cross-posted from: > > Tuples, templating, type-safe data access, units and measurements, extension methods, and countless other features exist, seemingly in perpetuity, in every language but Java! But no longer, thanks to the Manifold project. > > There is an interesting [reddit thread]( discussing whether Manifold is actually a JVM language and not just a "Java compiler plugin".

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