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We have a lot to show since the 0.7.0 release! This release, care has been taken to ensure real hardware is working, i686 support has been added, features like audio and preliminary multi-display support have been enabled, and the boot and install infrastructure has been simplified and made more robust. I highly recommend skimming through the changes listed below before jumping into the images, if you want more details.


@ravermeister mixing langs is ok, until all languages have a fast way to talk to libs they use in common. ASM is also no issue, but should only be used, when architecture specific code is needed or gets replaced/removed one after the other. Rust: it’s able to use the Kernel without bloating it up with lots of wrappers. As the compile process creates native machine code anyway, it doesn’t really matter. Linus would never vote for Rust, if it will result in a visible bottleneck.

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