I was watching a YouTuber and he mentioned in a couple of his videos that he has a subreddit and a discord. Lots of subreddits have discord. I find this interesting because it sort of reflects an earlier period of social media when different functions could be handled by different companies. Famously reddit didn’t have proper image uploads so imgur stepped in. Reddit didn’t have very good live community chat so people hacked together a solution with discord.

Rather than request lemmy cover this existing functionality it seems like it would be good to explicitly hand off some of this stuff to other projects like matrix/element. Having communities with a default “matrix/element chat server” seems like it would be a good idea. Sure that could be jist stuck as a hyperlink in the description but a form field would help push people in that direction. If nothing else I think it would make sense as a social practice to spread.

Just a random thought.

  • Jonny
    1 year ago

    I don’t get the hype of matrix. XMPP is federated too, has many server implementation’s e.g ejabberd, prosody, tigase, and the clients for mobile devices have improved drastically. I would love to have an profile field for entering my XMPP address