• serenity
    010 months ago

    workarounds are not solutions. this is only good when there is no alternative but this is not the case.

    The problem with Invidious here is that there are many instances and quality goes up and down. I have been emailing with friends a long time ago using one Invidious instance in the web links that I shared. A month later the instance was completely gone, which means that all the web links turned into 404 errors or time outs. My web browser suggestion works fine for most people and redirects to a random Invidious or Newpipe instance, or if you change settings to a preferred instance. Suggesting that all users on Lemmy will only post Invidious or PeerTube web links and not YouTube links can lead to web link rot.

    • @Echedenyan@lemmy.ml
      10 months ago

      You can always use the web redirector that is now redirect.invidious.io/ in the case you want to use Invidious, however, my point also covers PeerTube instances.

      A link shared to a web redirector doesn’t cut rights to anyone in that sense. And every working Invidious instance includes a redirector too in the button “use other Invidious instance” or something similar :3