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Eternal September is when influx from some other (often shittier and collapsing) platform overwhelms the unique culture that existed before, and in time fully replaces it. Destroying what existed before.

🧠 💭 Figure out strategies & actions in comments below … participate!

For example, I introduced 2 hashtags for awareness:

  • #AvoidEternalSeptember Raise attention to the culture clash.
  • #DonateToFediInstances Help admins and moderators withstand the influx and give them your support.

We want to be gentle, welcoming to newcomers. Show them around. But also keep having the nice chattering and culture we had before, and maybe give those some extra boosts to exemplify and spread the vibes.

Here’s a poll to make newcomers aware that taking Twitter culture with you on the Fediverse is just weird.

Fedizens… Be strategical in how you toot to help avoid that from happening

Summer has come and passed The innocent can never last Wake me up when September ends


Honestly, I hadn’t thought of this. I was and still am pretty happy that the Fediverse is getting more and more traction, but this is a very good point. It’s like the digital version of gentrification.

Especially since Twitter’s userbase has a lot of problems and bad tendencies that we absolutely need to nip in the bud if they start showing up here. Same with people migrating to Lemmy from Reddit.


Very much so. I’ve been an avid redditor for some time, but I’ll fully admit I have some habits in both viewing and engaging that I don’t even like looking in the mirror at. While I very much want these decentralized platforms to take off, I would hate to see them just replicate the toxicity present in the capitalistic ad/engagement-driven model.

I’ve noticed lemmy doesn’t hit my dopamine button quite like reddit did, and like, I KNEW I had a social media addiction, I KNEW I was addicted to getting likes and upvotes, but feeling the raw difference in dopamine between an ad-driven platform and a community-hosted one is a very heavy reminder of the effect that social media has had on my neurochemistry.


My chosen part is to create a designated space for that fast-food dopamine hit that popular social media provides.

Bring your shitty capitalist memes to the designated quarantine area while you complete your detox, please!

Yeah, that’s the nice thing. Federation means that communities can interact with each other, but also that they can refuse to interact if they want to. We can easily quarantine the instances (be it mastodon, lemmy, or whatever) the instances where toxic behaviour arises.

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