Since several days ago, we started to receive a big influx of users given that a famous “hacker” under the pseudonym of “Empress” migrated to Lemmy. More specifically, she migrated to our instance.

We, not being aware of the implications and seeing someone that was trying to run away from Reddit because of fear of being banned, accepted both her and her community.

However, things started to go weird in the moment we started to see mentions of the JK Rowling game Hogwarts Legacy and how she was working on cracking it, as well as people going here just for it.

There has been recent polemic in the media about transphobic and exclusionary comments said by JK Rowling as well as deep trues about how the game was made and some content, which we want to avoid mentioning here.

The fact is that, after a few days, she posted here two utterly transphobic posts directly insulting trans folks and mocking of them.

This gave us red flag and we insta-banned her, still not knowing what was all this about since we have little information about her.

I, personally, had a conversation in the Fediverse with a Fedi-friend which told me about some things which I saw while digging in her participation in Reddit.

That said, in, and I hope that in any other instance, we have 0 tolerance to discrimination based on gender identity in any sense and, in this case, with humiliation included.

If you come here just for that, don’t expect even a warning. This will come with an insta-ban.

This is not about a person learning and being gender questioning, for which even better places like LGBTQIA Wikia could serve as a good start first point, this is about transphobia itself.

Related to people who came here for Empress, she is not here anymore and if you arrived here just for her or the “game”, we tell you to get out of here to another place.

The less vitriol on Lemmy, the better. Thanks, mods.

Lemmy Announcements

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Other than that, this is reserved for admin use only.

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