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Replace socialism with capitalism and this meme becomes accurate.

The US has a higher per capita rate of both food insecurity and extreme poverty than China, Cuba, Vietnam, and the former USSR.


Many more links here: https://dessalines.github.io/essays/capitalism_doesnt_work.html

Vlad the Impaler wants his suitcase back

Honestly, with the right extensions, it can do pretty much anything a streaming box or smart TV can do.

Damn. Another reason to not to use 'em then

The server side is proprietary? Like, do you mean the snapcraft.io thing or the package server? I thought Snaps worked off the same “alphabetical nested folder being hosted as an open directory with a text file for the index” system that most package managers used. In fact isn’t it pretty easy to go into the client and change where it downloads packages from?

I consider Pop OS the de-bullshitted version of Ubuntu.

Biggest issue: Free and nonfree packages in the same repository. If you’re on the command line, you have no idea which is which. Goes against the principles of free software. For me to even consider using a package manager it better not have nonfree packages by default, you should need to issue a command to activate a completely separate nonfree repository (so I can avoid that command like the plague), you know, like how apt, dnf, pacman etc do it?

At least calling people directly is going out of style. There’s a TCP-esque handshake process now:

ping “Hey, can you jump on VideoOrAudioChatApp real quick?”

ping “Yeah sure.”

ring ring

Nah that’s Whitewich

Where’s my Redwich Polite Time?

As hyper-brained super geniuses, why don’t we also eliminate the most inefficient part of cars too, the rubber tires and asphalt? Elon musk has talked all about “un-designing,” eliminating the components most prone to failure so they can’t ever fail, let’s take the philosophy of a true visionary and un-design the most failure prone parts of our cars!

Perhaps a spacex-age super material, a crystal lattice of strategically placed carbon atoms embedded in iron atoms? Forged in precision temperature controlled furnaces at thousands of degrees to achieve optimal hardness and strength!

"To preserve the community aspect of Gitea we are experimenting with creating a decentralized autonomous organization where contributors would receive benefits based on their participation such as from code, documentation, translations, and perhaps even assisting individual community members with support questions." https://weirder.earth/@noracodes/109232581513848220

Official announcrment: https://bumble.com/fi/the-buzz/bumble-open-source-private-detector-ai-cyberflashing-dick-pics Direct repo: https://github.com/bumble-tech/private-detector

Massive economic crime is a serious crime.

I’m assuming you’re talking about China in this.

Yeah no. For anyone just randomly complaining about the government, in order of frequency of “enforcement” used, frequency decreases exponentially: 1. No one cares and their post stays up forever; 2. The individual post gets removed or prevented from being posted; 3. Their account on that platform gets banned. The platforms in China like WeChat, the Chinese version of TikTok, etc are still private platforms by private companies btw.

Oh look! Some actual legislation on the subject! https://lemmy.ml/post/69688/comment/60571

It’s only when you go beyond just criticizing the government and into advocating for violence, civil disorder, and coup when you actually get into law enforcement response and potential jail time. Which, by the way, is absolutely also true for Western countries, go ahead and point to a single Western “free speech” country that doesn’t outlaw those in their legislation, I’ll wait. By the way, despite popular Western belief, there are no “illegal speech” crimes that are punishable by death in China. They have these nifty things called “maximum punishments allowed by statute” just like the West, and death is only on the table for the most serious crimes like murder, rape, etc, just like the West.

Ooh! Is this that Whataboutism thing that liberals keep accusing socialists of!

Actually no, this goes beyond just that when the US/UK/EU claim to be THE global bastions of free speech and the vanguards and protectors of free speech for the entire world. When they still pull this shit, you really have to start thinking if they have ulterior motives when they accuse China, Russia, or Belarus of human rights violations for not having free speech and whether this whole free speech thing is part of an agenda.

This isn’t just pot calling the kettle black, this is pot, who also claims to be the inventor and defenser of white, calling the kettle black.

Might want to look into WIkipedia’s very well documented history of political bias, racism, sexism, etc.