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The point of federation (on Lemmy) was to allow the different websites to talk to each other. So your lemmy.ml account can talk to most other websites that run lemmy software. This means create posts on external communities, comments, and be able to follow such communities. For now, the choice was made to keep communities local and not locally federated.

It is different for sure.

The “lemmy-verse” is really just a bunch of separate websites all running the same software that talks to each other. It’s like email, where you can send an email from a Gmail account, and receive it on an outlook account. The same concept being applied to social media now.

That’s right. !Gaming@lemmy.ml is different from !Gaming@beehaw.org

Note that you can use your same account to subscribe to both of them, as one may be more active than the other. Feel free to pick one or both it doesn’t really matter. Different websites/servers have slightly different rules and different culture, so the posts and comments will be slightly different community to community.

It would be good to see new member sign ups, for moderation. Being able to see member names and clicking into their post history would be very useful to block spam bots and unwelcome folk without having to have applications.

In your personal user settings for language, do you have “undetermined” unselected? When I unselected it, I couldn’t see any posts that were made before v0.17/didn’t pick language.

re: the pending subscribe, this is a known issue: https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy/issues/2685

You can click and subscribe again to remove “pending”.

great update, lots of good quality of life features. rip the c/main community, may you live in peace

I haven’t tested it enough, but that does seem to be the case. For both users and communities you can block/unblock on their page or in your user settings page.

It looks like you’re just supposed to redirect the draft page. See here, #17

New communities: c/health and c/environment
Hello! I created two communities, one about our health, and the other about our planet's health. * [!environment@midwest.social](https://midwest.social/c/environment) * [!health@midwest.social](https://midwest.social/c/health) Feel free to subscribe and contribute!

Hello! I created [!business@midwest.social](https://midwest.social/c/business) for discussion and sharing of links about business. The community isn't necessarily pro- or anti- business. Feel free to subscribe and share!

But looking from Ada’s instance: https://lemmy.blahaj.zone/communities/listing_type/All/page/1

You don’t see all lemmy.ml communities. Unless this is a case of “federation takes some time” (might be, I’m not very familiar with the inner workings) it seems that the only communities known to lemmy.blahaj.zone are those that have been searched for.

Yeah you’re right about groups/communities not showing up in search or the communities view. That’s unfortunate that they don’t all federate upon discovery of the instance. I kinda assumed discovery of the instance was discovery of all communities.

On bigger instances (like lemmy.ml ) you can click the instances on the bottom, which shows you all the linked (and blocked) lemmy instances. From there you can put them in search and it’s to my understanding they’ll start showing up in ‘all’ post feed. Again another work around, but this is closer to what you want.

What are “Trending” communities
It seems that it's just recently created communities, at least on the instance I'm on. Is that how it works everywhere..? I feel that "Trending" ≠ recently created. Either it should be renamed, or what I'd prefer is that a way to differentiate "trending" communities.

Each language Wikipedia may have its own rules, but generally sources are accepted in all languages. It’s not universally required, though.

Minimum is 3 “notable” mentions of the subject in different sources. For new editors, the standard is ~5 good sources for the submission to be accepted. “Established” editors don’t need peer review to publish an article, hence me being able to publish it.

I’m experiencing same today after updating. Sent a crash report, running android 11. (I was running this from Play Store. Not F-Droid)

The “external account”'s platform would need to have activitypub group support. I admit I’ve not played around with this enough, but it’s to me understanding that if your platform supports posting to ActivityPub groups, then they can post to Lemmy communities.

I disagree, slightly. The fediverse needs tools to be able to post to (for instance) Mastodon and to a Lemmy community. Boosts on Mastodon kinda get close, but its a half-solution. body of text posts isn’t viewable without going to Lemmy from Mastodon. One should be able to post a video to a Peertube instance, and when sharing it to Lemmy, the comments/replys are still unified.

“Post once distribute everywhere” would be fully unnecesary if these services were more closely integrated.

I’d suggest TILvids.com One of the more popular “edutainment” focused instances of peertube, and its content is well moderated.

I don’t think we should focus on “growth” for Lemmy. “Growth” is focused on for other social medias because that’s how those corporations are able to secure funding.

Lemmy and the fediverse isn’t that model. Its focused on personal relationships and inter-connectivity.

Slowly people will defect to Lemmy instances from the more established Reddit, Facebook, etc.

The largest issue I have with Lemmy is the account sign up doesn’t notify you when you’re accepted. This may be either an issue with my instance (or my own mess-up) but I didn’t receive an email notification. I just tried my credentials a day later and was able to get in.