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Have you ever tried using the terminal exclusively for your day-to-day usage for any amount of time?
How was it? What programs did you use? I want to try it, but the browser thing is a deal breaker I think.

Lebanese Arabic. Most curses are about female relatives, because female relatives are “sacred”. People would literally kill you for it if you aren’t extremely close friends, and even then some people don’t accept it.

The most common curses are “Kiss emmak”, which translates to “Your mom’s pussy”, or “Kess ekhtak”, which means your sisters pussy. That’s it. That’s the curse you’ll get your teeth knocked out for saying. You add a “Kess emmak b ayre” to it for more effect, which means “My dick is in your mom’s pussy”.

Its on you if you understood a clearly phrased meme wrong.

I’ll pretend that I didn’t read that.

Blocking that person was the best thing I did since I joined Lemmy. Welcome to the club lol

I’m now convinced you are a troll, so I’ll just block you.

Who said anything about women? They said “someone”, maybe that someone is a man? Or are you such a bigot you don’t accept men giving each others handjobs?

This isn’t kink shaming. No one has a “kink” to cum in a sock.

I’m not talking about mastrubation, I’m talking about cumming in a sock specifically. Its a lighthearted joke, don’t take it too seriously.