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Yeah… here in America if someone wants to steal your briefcase… they are probably going to shoot you first. At which point… there’s not much point to the antics of booby trapping the briefcase because the thief has no time crunch.

(also why the standard security for super important briefcases in america is handcuffing it to your wrists. Because it’s really hard to blend into a crowd dragging behind a dead 6’2 guy in a suit.

pretty sure whatever the hell that is is satire.

Oh he’s hated pretty much, go to any gamer space and start discussion about the Epic Store.

I’m lost on that… I mean steam is kind of almost everyone’s example of a store done right. Hell valve single handedly gets credit for basically making linux gaming viable today. Meanwhile epic can be credited for literally doing the opposite (IE making rocket league DROP linux support).

Now in valid criticism of valve, I could say they certainly deserve some blame for basically creating a ton of IPs, and then sitting on them for years, while basically letting steam print money for them (Why make a game when you can get a cut from every game ever sold).

So yeah I can fully see valve getting some blame for well basically not pushing forward on making… well (insert any valve game, 3)

Honestly the real problem though… is the double edged problem. Sadly the majority of people that are censored… are ones that no one wants to listen to, self admitted white supremacists, Flat earthers, anti vax, school shooting deniers etc…

The problem is in the ideal world, those types aren’t censored, but are burried on the simple ground of being outnumbered. But sadly they are a larger fringe than people that just care about free speach… and thus when a platform opens without censorship, instead of representing the actual reality, it disproportionately gets overtaken by the hateful extremists.

Neither, they both lose in the preliminaries to a guy with laser eyes. (If super powers are allowed… than super powers are allowed.

Oh god no… why zip ties and not velcro ties!!! Both are terrifying. (one cable gets messed up… and it’s all hell).

I mean… kinda duh? By definition every corporation revolves around what will get them money. ISPs aren’t giving youtube a cut of the subscription costs… we aren’t paying for youtube premium or whatever they call it. Saying youtube is only interested in throwing us ads, is like saying Jiffy Lube only changes my oil because they want to get paid for it.

Shouldn’t even be a human on the other side.

Capitalist trolly problem is.

We have dozens of levers, each one we pull can save hundreds of thousands to millions of people from avoidable death and extreme harm from climate change, health care etc…

But every lever we pull, might lower the amount of yachts the wealthy can own.

Do we pull any levers?