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Unless it’s a curated anticommunist history. I knew a literal history professors in university who were fully reactionary.

I love how the liberals always cite digital goods and also all manners of digital scam as a proof marxism is obsolete “Marx did not predicted digital goods! Future! Capitalism finally works!”, while commies are telling them with slightly bored voices that not only it’s still applicable to everything but the digital goods when pondered about just a little show the complete nonsense of capitalism even more than physical ones.

I remember when govt implemented similar law about public drinking in Poland, they specifically mentioned that paper bags are not enough to circumvent it.

Compared to how much they spend on it and how much the people need to pay extra on top of what they already paid in taxes, they have pretty much least efficient healthcare on Earth.

Without even an excuse of living in a country that is extremely poor and wartorn (not to mention quite a lot of countries which are extremely poor and wartorn are like that because of USA in the first place).

I thought they were flairs at first and was disappointed they aren’t.


That’s a basic programming joke

Normal people using common syntax would understand it like that: “Get a gallon of milk, and if they have avocados, get 6 avocados”

But in programming it would be: “Get a gallon of milk, if a condition “they have avocados” is true, get 6 gallons of milk”

Yeah but the rover won’t get oneshotted by boss if you miss the exact 1mm position in the exact 1 second.

Except for the boot, it gets inifnitely elastic for that.


I felt so bad because it must have meant that I didn’t wash my hands, which only happened because of the panic. So yeah, pretty embarrassing.

Don’t worry, it was England, nobody notice or care.

Yeah, the pic would be more accurate if it was labeled “liberal”

And what if… what if Frank’s startup and those other 100 ideas just went under too?

Get the pill out of the fishbowl and the cat off the cabinet. Call his wife.

Cat’s wife???

Just grab the cat, hold the pill in your fingers and wait when he will try to bite them off. Easy.

Yes, it’s as old as the CS and general online gaming, like the infamous CYKA BLYAT and RUSH B memes, and it got many many times worse in the last year with the russophobic onslaught in all western and westoid media.

Lower half is aspiring to nihilism, upper half achieved it.

Well that did happened in the cartoon, without significant effect:

Good one. Source: i know a lot of them.

In return i give you: the birth of truck driver:


It seems your meme backfired, lol. This is a libyan rebel fighting to destroy a most developed country in Africa and establish the current failed state, just because Libya was oposed to NATO:

So, on the same side as Ukraine in the ongoing struggle for maintaining imperialist hegemony of USA.

They could celebrate by maybe finally releasing good game, it’s been a while since the last one for them.

I sure do hope Posadas was right about aliens, because if they are like Genghis Khan, we would end up like the Khwarazm after doing that to the envoys.

There is a bug, when i’m writing a coment and get notification someone comment on one of my earlier comments, everything i’m just writing disappear for good. Lost few walls of text already to this.

I guess that can be more relevant for some plants (or shrooms) than others.

There are only two kind of memes, supporting the status quo and political

Oh deer, fixed it somewhat to be more realistic

Oh those dastardly Russians, it’s not as they country had suffered through the worst manmade (by west) peacetime cataclysm in history just a generation ago.

This is the same level of scummy propaganda US chuds make about immigrants who are immigrants in the first place because US wrecked their countries.