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It’s true! Sometimes the internet seams really smoll.

I’m a simple person, I see Nix I upvote.

Thanks for the comment, I may copy some stuff. :p

I used dash as my /bin/sh due to it being a lot lighter & faster than bash.

Right now I’m trying out ion as my interactive shell and so far it works great.

Fish is cool tho.

Nobody remembers that rights were payed in blood. Literally nobody. Everyone thinks that at some point in history we suddenly obtained them or something.

And the fact that those rights were fought by the left is even more forgoten…

I wish they used a sane UI on Android. But yeah, I look forward to see how it evolves.

You’re describing the fediverse.

What a surprise. How can someone be so stupid? HOW? I can’t belive humanity sometimes.

I’ve read it (in my local library) and I liked it.

Eating is a human right and a BASIC NEED. You should not need money for staying alive. Also: Even with a job (or somotimes multiple ones) some people can’t afford it because capitalism is funny.

All imperialist suck.

I use a bunch of tor/i2p searx instances. They work great.

I’ve never understood that. It’s like saying that I’m ⅒ African because humanity evolved from there.

Me too, me too…

Isn’t X11 already on mantainance mode?


And also: a lot of thanks for the image. Don’t worry, a loooooot of sites (usually cringy ones) block tor by default.

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Know Your meme doesn’t let me use their website due to tor. :c

God please not another launcher, everything but yet another game launcher.