Black belt in Mikado Photo model, for the photos where they put under ‘BEFORE’

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Well, the VLC also have nice skins. Currently on my Desktop with this one

The noises that are heard when I get up do not necessarily come from the chair 😟

I’m from THIS generation

The theft of suitcases is a problem since suitcases exist

It is not true at all, it was the result of a discussion with Einstein about the Copenhagen interpretation, not of the superposition itself.

Only the one who walks with a soft step, calculating his step with his mind, during life, he will take everything from fate, putting her on her knees!

Just another orbit around the sun in an insignificant solar system, located in one of the arms of a galaxy among billions of other galaxies.


On the contrary, Twitter has always been an example of privacy, security and truthful contributions 🤣

A more iconic duo S + ||

Deepin - Deepin Linux Operating System
The Windows 10/11 killer Review

Even with anti-jamming functions

I don’t know, AFAIK in it’s final version, they’ll have a paid plan for companies with extra features respect colaboration and business use. As I say, in the moment its in an experimental alpha phase.

You say it, not yet. I’m not sure it would make sense to publish all the source code, more than the basic one, on Github, if it is an experimental alpha product, in intensive development and improvements and changes every few days. It is enough for me that it really respects privacy and, even in alpha, it is extremely practical.

Anyway, as you can see in my screenshot above, that I use apart a lot of diferent search engines and specific site searches, depending of what I need to search. I use Andi as first search for the daily common use, for which is normally enough, giving me direct answers and not only a list with not related results.

It is, but Andi is still in development. There is a community in Discord where you can speak with the 2 devs, Angie Hoover and Jed White, that is the whole company. Anyway wors fine with 100% privacy.

I use Andisearch, also as PWA in mobile. It’s an AI search assistant, 100% privacy focused, no tracks, ads or logs, reader view of webpages, Video view in search results, Bangs, alternatives websearches with several engines, OpenSource. Anyway I added mwmbl to my list, it’s a very good engine, I only miss the image and video opcion.

…while I send data to googleanalytics

In the near future
--Hello, Pizza Hut? --No sir. Google pizzeria. --Ah, excuse me... I dialed wrong... --No sir, he scored well. Google bought the Pizza Hut chain. --Ah, well... then write down my request, please... --As usual? --And how do you know what I ask for? --According to your street and your apartment number and the last 12 times you ordered a large Neapolitan with ham. Yes, I want that... --May I suggest a pizza without salt, with ricotta, broccoli and dried tomato? --Nope! I hate vegetables. --Your cholesterol is not good, sir. --And how do you know? --We crossed data with the IMSS and we have the results of his last 7 blood tests. Here it comes to me that your triglycerides have a value of 180 mg/DL and your LDL is... --Enough, enough! I want the Neapolitan! I take my medicine! --Sorry, sir, but according to our database you don't take it regularly. The last box of Lipitor of 30 tablets that you bought at Farmacias Similares was last December 2 at 3:26 p.m. --But I bought more in another pharmacy! --The data of your credit card purchases do not prove it. --I paid in cash, I have another source of income! --Your last income statement does not prove it. We don't want you to have problems with the SAT, sir... --I do not want anything now! --Sorry, sir, we just want to help you. --Help me? I'm sick of Google, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram! I'm going to an island without internet, cable or cell phone! --I understand, sir, but here it appears that your passport has expired 5 months ago.