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I can also be found elsewhere on the fediverse at and

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Maybe don’t check a tool developed by kiwifarmers…

You could try

It’s a searchable community list rather than an instance list, but it might lead you to finding instances if you see where the group you’re interested in is running from

You’re posting from zueslink, to a community on and I’m replying from You’re federating :)

It’s a progressive political community, based on a fork of lemmy. They added a bunch of features unique to the fork that means that it’s no longer compatible with lemmy. However, hexbear is something like 10 times the size of the largest lemmy instance, and probably has more users than the rest of lemmy combined.

They’re also working at making their fork compatible with lemmy again, so ultimately, they will start federating with lemmy and the rest of the fediverse

Awesome. That’s how it feels like it should work to me as an instance admin

Does a log of it federate, or does the action itself federate?

That is to say, if a user on my instance makes a post, and it federates to, and a instance admin deletes it, does the original get deleted from my instance?

Basically, a user on any lemmy instance can subscribe to a group on any lemmy instance (as long as the instance admin hasn’t blocked the other instance). So then they see activity on that group on their home instance.

Moderators are appointed by the sub creator, and they can come from any instance. But of course, an instance admin can block/ban/delete content from their own instance, even if they aren’t a moderator. The difference is, the moderators moderation action will federate to other instances, but the instance admins will not.

I’ve just tested this, and I can’t subscribe to Friendica groups.

When I was talking about federating with Friendica in my original reply, that’s really what I meant. The ability for a lemmy instance to follow groups from another group based instance that isn’t lemmy.

I know they federate comments and replies etc, but that isn’t what I was getting at. My wording probably wasn’t as clear as it could have been

Inbox RSS feeds are wonky
Whenever I click on a link to a comment in the Inbox RSS feed, it gives me the following error `"404: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'send')"`

Wait, so I can subscribe to a community on Friendica from lemmy?

If so, I have never been more happy to be wrong :)

Lemmy only subscribes to other Lemmy instances. Other instances can post here and reply, but any post initially not made to Lemmy won’t show

I imagine that’s a design choice.

There are other group implementations out there though, like It would be nice to see Lemmy be able to federate with other group based platforms

Lemmy only subscribes to other Lemmy instances. Other instances can post here and reply, but any post initially not made to Lemmy won’t show

I imagine that’s a design choice.

There are other group implementations out there though, like It would be nice to see Lemmy be able to federate with other group based platforms

Thank you!

Also, I did a test report of my own post from Calckey, and it didn’t come through

Basically “undetermined” is the “language” used by clients that don’t set a language, such as Mastodon and older versions of Lemmy. So if it’s not in your list of languages, you won’t see posts in that “language”

Make sure you select undetermined in the list of languages. If it’s not there, the admin will need to include it in the instance config options

As well as the comment editing thing, I think languages come in to it as well when someone replies in a language you haven’t enabled

Do reports federate?
If someone reports a user from another instance, does the report get federated to the instance from which the user is based? Bonus question, what about when the comment was made from a Lemmy platform like Mastodon?

Where are you trying to subscribe from? Lemmy or mastodon/friendica/calckey etc?

The admin will need to add undetermined to the list of available languages

Are you using the web page or the app? To the best of my knowledge, you need to do it on the web page

This is more a workaround than an answer, but if you make sure your language settings are set to English, German and Undetermined, then it will default to undetermined for your posts, and that will always work!

Ah, well that would work :)

I’ve caught several spammers after registration from the email. They seem to be registering and then idling for a period of time

I think that could work well on an instance like, where a new post not federating isn’t a barrier to interaction.

But on my instance for example, at the moment, there is 1 active user, 2 semi active users and around 10 registered users that have never participated. If a new user posted to my instance and their reply didn’t federate, they would get very little interaction.

Would it be possible for it to federate the person’s post with a content review flag, so that admins could decide on an instance by instance basis whether they display content from non approved new users?

The problem I have with that is that if I have to approve someone, it can take up to 12 hours sometimes, and that generally means we’ll never see them again

What I’m really looking for is a way of identifying the spammers and their accounts, which you can generally tell by their usernames. I’d rather deal with them pro-actively where possible, rather than letting them loiter until someone reports them for me.

Registered user list for admins?
Without digging around in the DB, is there a way for an admin to easily see registered users on an instance? I turned off admin approval for new accounts, and a few people have registered, but aside from the initial email, I have no easy way to see who they are or what their activity has been.

You just pick a dark theme in your user settings

How would blocking work if you weren’t logged in?

So this feels big! I'm curious how feature compatible it is going to be with Lemmy #ActivityPub #Lemmy #Discourse

And maybe point out that this will impact content from older versions of Lemmy, Mastodon and any other source that doesn’t enforce language tags. A lot of content falls through the cracks when you don’t include it!

I was having issues with seeing that there were 8 posts or whatever in a discussion, but then none of them would appear when I loaded the post. I removed my language settings and now they all appear

You are a genius! That’s it!, removing language settings from your preferences makes posts appear that otherwise would be hidden.

If I had to guess, I would say that comments without language tags are being filtered when you apply language filters. And if that’s intended, it might be an idea to show something along the lines of “X posts filtered due to language settings, click to view them”

It’s bigger than that. Even on our updated instance, comments often won’t load directly via the web interface, and the same is even true on There’s something more going on here

That’s part of the content I meant. Sorry, I guess I could have been more clear :)

It removes all content in the community from the instance in question.

And what’s really interesting is that I can see my reply from and even reply to it from my home instance, but I still can’t see comment I was replying to from my home instance…

Edit - And to make it really really interesting, I can’t see any of the replies on now! So maybe it’s not us…

Upgrade done, but post previous posts are spotty
We run our own instance, and just upgraded. After the upgrade, a bunch of the communities I have subscribed to on other lemmy instances aren't showing historic content that our instance was aware of before the upgrade. Also, approximately half of my subscribed communities were showing the subscription as pending, despite them not being pending prior to the upgrade Did we do something wrong, or is this a known issue?

You could already do that. My instance isn’t upgraded yet, and the option is there for me

The only way we could find to do it was via the DB

Calckey is a fork of Misskey. An intro post is a good idea. Some links to the default instance, the repo etc. I’ll put something together today

Two new communities, /c/calckey and /c/friendica
Both unofficial, but I noticed that they were missing communities on lemmy, and decided to fix that! [/c/calckey](/c/ [/c/friendica](/c/

Formatting links to remote communities?
How do I format a link to a remote lemmy community that allows someone to subscribe to it directly from their own instance? An example of such a post is here This is a post made for a community on, posted to and viewed through my instance Whichever instance you view it on, the link formats so that you can subscribe to it directly from the instance you are viewing it on. I’ve tried using /c/communityname formatting, but that doesn’t seem to work.

Can a Human See a Single Photon? Lemmy
> > The researchers found that about 90 photons had to enter the eye for a 60% success rate in responding. Since only about 10% of photons arriving at the eye actually reach the retina, this means that about 9 photons were actually required at the receptors. Since the photons would have been spread over about 350 rods, the experimenters were able to conclude statistically that the rods must be responding to single photons, even if the subjects were not able to see such photons when they arrived too infrequently. > Piecing these and your findings together, it hints to an interesting sub-question, what do we really mean when we ask the original question? > Can the human eye physically detect it? Seems like…yes? > Which suggests the subsequent physiological thresholds involved, various human signal processing chains etc. What a fascinating topic. > The choice of a 60% success rate is an interesting one, too.

What is the intended method of content discovery?
I'm running on a personal lemmy instance, and I've been able to simply re-subscribe to the communities that I was subscribed to on my previous account. But what if I didn't have that? How would I discover those communities? On the micro blogging fediverse, I can use relays, follow other peoples boosts, or join groups etc for content discovery and to give me federated content in general on which to do content discovery. What does that look like in the lemmyverse niche of the fediverse? How does a small single person instance find new content? How do they get richer content search options etc? Right now, I'm just using search on for that, but that's a work around, not a solution