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Crossposted w/credit! to c/popmemes. C/popmemes is designed as an intermediary to acclimate outsiders to lemmy’s meme culture. Thank you for providing this fabulous specimen!

I was actually just talking with a coworker about the absence of the baculum in humans and how the book of genesis drawing attention to that is highly symbolic of how humans and other mammals who lack a baculum have lost it due to our highly social natures and the role of sex as a social bonding activity rather than being purely (or even just mostly) reproductive.

It makes me sad sometimes that one of the biggest facets of modern Christianity is intentional ignorance the Bible’s rich cultural context. People act like knowing more about what any of it actually means is heretical. I wish there was a bigger movement to take Christianity back to its roots without all of the blatant control tactics, but I also worry that it’s been abused in that way for so long that it’s just a wash. Kind of like how the swastika used to be a symbol of peace to many religions, but it’s been so profoundly tied to horrific acts that it can’t really be used that way anymore.

I still want to handpick the memes to a certain extent. What I really wish I had was something like buffer where I could add like 10-20 of the best memes I find at a time, and have them post out every 4 hours or so to help people get a hint of that dopamine train they would normally get from a centralized social media but in a reduced amount to a) help taper off the increased dopamine tolerance they’ve developed and b) make using lemmy feel more or at least more comparably rewarding than opening whatever other app they’re conditioned to use at this time.

Very much so. I’ve been an avid redditor for some time, but I’ll fully admit I have some habits in both viewing and engaging that I don’t even like looking in the mirror at. While I very much want these decentralized platforms to take off, I would hate to see them just replicate the toxicity present in the capitalistic ad/engagement-driven model.

I’ve noticed lemmy doesn’t hit my dopamine button quite like reddit did, and like, I KNEW I had a social media addiction, I KNEW I was addicted to getting likes and upvotes, but feeling the raw difference in dopamine between an ad-driven platform and a community-hosted one is a very heavy reminder of the effect that social media has had on my neurochemistry.

My chosen part is to create a designated space for that fast-food dopamine hit that popular social media provides.

Bring your shitty capitalist memes to the designated quarantine area while you complete your detox, please!

c/memes (I think) is taken and I would want to preserve it for the use of maintaining lemmy’s unique culture.

c/popmemes maybe though…

To repost old twitter screenshots, overly recycled memes, and other things typical of the mainstream social media. Because I like lemmy more but it doesn't give me that cheap potato chip dopamine fix that reddit does and I'm probably not alone. But also I don't wanna put my shitty capitalist memes in your regular meme feeds, I wanna keep them over here in quarantine for me and my fellow degenerates.


Oh thank goodness because I’m having trouble getting it completely! Do you mind helping me understand?

I need a place to put all of my unpleasant thoughts to have them kinda maybe heard. Put yours here too. Sometimes it makes them quieter! SCREAM INTO THE VOID. SCREEEAAAM.

Please don’t remind putin that the only thing good about an image of him could be him possibly being gay or a queen.