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Here is the paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/2209.06909 Here is tbe code: https://github.com/sebawild/powersort

Wenn es um das Geschäft geht, scheint es keinen Unterschied zu geben zwischen den Regierungen. https://feddit.it/post/101417

Erleichtern? Die EU will Client-Side Scanning einführen, also das automatische Scannen aller Nachrichten von E-Mails und Messengern wie Signal, WhatsApp, etc. Damit gibt es keine Privatsphäre mehr.

I hope there will be millions of similar instances one day, because this is part of being federated. This is a distributed network. I can join any community if I want, I can configure my own server if I want, and so can you and everyone else. If your community then scales faster than mine because your content is more relevant or better by any means, that’s fine with me. I can either stay small or learn from you and grow later, and so can all others, just as they themselves want it to be.

At least this is my opinion, this is why I am here.

Yeah, it’s even said in the first sentence of the article. Should have read it more carefully before posting. I stand corrected.

I don’t know people with children in Germany, but you can read it here and many other sites. 🤔

Germany already did that a couple of years ago afaik. But, yes, let’s hope others will follow.