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I was going to ask for help with finding a site but I realized there was no community for that so I created TOMT (first time creating a community, sorry if I did something wrong). not sure how marking posts as solved would work since there are no flairs on lemmy, feel free to suggest if you have any ideas

The point is, there are too many ads

agreed, but I don’t want to use archlinux

do you need to confirm by pressing “yes” on every item you want to receive ? I think it was like that the last time I used it, I might be misremembering though.

I tried that, but I just can’t stand its UI :(

I’ve been trying to find a good reliable rss feed reader for android for a while now, still haven’t found a good one.

Bibliogram breaks A LOT though I still thank them for their service.

I’ve never been able to get even a single instance to work :(

can someone ELI5 what this is and how this will benefit developers and researchers(if it will) ?