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I mean that’s basically it. So long as there’s the tiniest bit of proprietary code or dependency, it automatically falls off my radar as potentially good for me. I think of it as candy and in the back of this delicious looking lolipop piece of software, there’s a big white van just waiting for us to take a lick. Once hooked, away we go…into the Nether regions of what should be free but isn’t.

This is a fake reply. Please ignore.

Well, mastodon has been around for a good amount of years now. So if new comers can figure it out, they might want to stay and build roots here.

This looks cool, was it a test instance? I tried to post something and got an error. I want to use it to host a car forum. Reddit sucks because it’s not really a forum and you got the trigger happy nannies. All other forums seem to basically be ads where you can post comments.

📎 this is Paper Clip, Clippy’s useless cousin. He holds paper if you put it in it’s butt. It’s the only thing it does and it doesn’t do it well.

Probably something insidious. Something totally shitty evil barely legal that their lawyers worked on for a good 200 man years over a period of 3 months.

Geez! So depressing 😭. He needs more ram. 🐏

Me, looking at written stuff and imagining that I can hear it in my mind’s ear.

Yup, this is why federation is so good. Have them eat their pie, let us eat ours.

I’m new and was looking for political places to chat and crack a few jokes but wow. That instance, from the federated posts I’ve read, totally takes the cake, eats it and spits it out on your face through it’s butthole covered in puke. It’s simple things like, oh we love trump and don’t love Biden. It’s more like people trying to figure out where the guy’s at right now and trying to do some craziness with that info… It’s bad.