Anyone that claims to speak on behalf of the universe is either a liar or a fool

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I’d post more funny shit if I could upload vids

Care to elaborate how gitea is more susceptible to ddos than any other hosted service?

Whats with capitalizing the first letter of so many words unnecessarily? Its really making me head brain much mush

Ive wanted to put up a payphone outside my building for a long time.

All I need is a building.

You should look into enabling zram swap

Usb flash is slower than sata flash which is slower than ram cache.

Really cool.

Unrelated: why does fdroid search suck so much? I always have to scroll through a bunch of other apps even though I search for the name of the app.

Shouldn’t the hat be on the microphone?

I think these are to show if the gap has increased at all, not to stop it from growing.

Whatever those boxes are good for flash drives and shit

No, usb4 has the thunderbolt3 spec inside it, which amd now supports. Thunderbolt 4 is Intel only.

Still dont know why they didn’t go with amd. Thunderboltisn’tt really necessary since most of the modules are areUSBC.

Also Intel ME, ew.

43 Monate

I feel personally attacked.

What do you have against Venezuela?

are these they?

Hahah I knew it would be a parenti book :D

They should have used xmpp or something that let’s you connect with an external client. Would have been much less work to implement (I assume) as they would basically be integrating xmpp into nextcloud instead of writing their whole chat back end in house.