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Lite-XL is my light editor for all situations. Vscode for more stuff. Rider for .net

Reddit did add the ability to add text to anything recently, but yeah, it’s weird it took so long while they keep releasing useless new rot.

Also known as cunningham’s law, and certainly not specific to reddit.

Nice artwork, do you know where the original is from?

It’s a paradox. I can see what you will do in the future, but you can read my mind and see it too, and so you will change your next moves, but if I can see the future, surely I would already know that, but then you will know it too, so you change your moves… etc.

The only way out is if you make the same moves regardless of what you read in my mind.

Weird that you should post this older blog post, because they just finished open sourcing this morning, here’s the repo

I wonder why it’s specifically Dessalines that most trolls impersonate.

And so a round plug would take an infinite number of tries to insert.

Now I see why companies abandoned the headphone jack.

His blog isn’t monetized in any way so clicks don’t matter.