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NRSK uses an admin-run “Fetcher” account to subscribe to various extenal communities and pull interesting content to our home “All” timeline. It’s a combination between browsing through communities on known and/or federated instances, and using to find new and unconnected instances. It’s all manually, which is a bummer but better than basically only local content for fresh users.

The developers ability to focus on long term goals for the project is the reason NRSK believes in Lemmy, and tries to support it as a platform in any way possible.

NRSK made a small website to introduce new users to the basics of Lemmy and give them an (incomplete) list of Lemmy Communities. Hopefully this will help users find a lot of interesting content across the network, despite the home instance not federating with a particular community yet. Such a list was something that was sorely missed when the NRSK administrator first became a user on the lemmyverse, and quite so after creating a new and isolated instance. As mentioned, it is an unofficial site and if the devs disapprove, I can make the "unofficialness" of it clearer or discuss how we can make it work. Manually sorting, cataloguing and estimating activity on 283 communities sure was something. That's why everybody is welcome to contribute to the list by submitting your own suggestions and corrections in the linked community. As of now the list is curated manually, I assume I've made several errors - Particularly when it comes to what "Topic" the different communities belong in. Yes, you can sort nearly 300 communities by: - Topic - Name - Instance - Activity - Recommendation A lot of it could have been scraped the first time around I assume, but then there'd be no sorting by topic for sure. You can visit the "Welcome" community by following the post link or visit [Link to the website]( [Link to the big list of communities](

It’s not that bad down here.