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OsmAnd version 4.3 mapping app for Android released
Much faster OpenGL map tile rendering and other cool stuff.

I am sometimes tempted to check if people here with alt-accounts on Lemmygrad are double voting, but then realize I have better stuff to do…

This looks very interesting for integrating AI painting into an Artist's toolbox.

Sadly there is no built-in way to move an account yet. Just put your new account into the profile of your old one so that people know it isn’t an impersonator.

Move your account to an instance that blocks lemmygrad.ml

There are plenty of instances that do that due to the low quality posts and comments from lemmygrad.

As nice as Nextcloud is overall, I recently decided to move to something without so much NIH syndrome and less enterprise fluff features.

Currently I think KaraDAV with an alternative Filestash front-end might be the best option. Both are quite lightweight, you can still use the Nextcloud apps, and Filestash has nice integration for Org-mode and OnlyOffice. Photo-albums in Filestash also look quite nice.

The author recently posted another one about stopping development of Pinafore in which he prominently linked this one. So I don’t think Lemmy had anything to do with it.

You might want to look into kbin then. It includes both.

But a module for Prosody is also in the works.

Still early days, but slowly it is getting somewhere.

I agree, posting direct links to .apk is suspicious, but in this case it appears to be the official Pixelfed CDN at least.

I think the problem isn’t permissive licenses in this case. It’s not like AWS is running Matrix servers themselves or so.

The government deployments to far have been highly specified (and non-federating) systems requiring a lot of customizations, little of which is suitable for upstreaming and for which these “non-contributing” companies were specifically recruited for in a competitive bidding procedure (that EMS either lost or chose not to compete in). They usually also require on-prem deployments making the EMS cloud service unsuitable.

I think what we see here is a mix of market miss-match, i.e. EMS wants to be a public service, but their actually potentially paying customers want closed walled gardens for highly specific use-cases and a VC funded over-growth of EMS as a company and thus unrealistic ROI expectations and staff expenditures.

I think what will happen is that their VC funders will force them to spin-off a government service company to compete in such bids and slowly by slowly the focus will become primarily this as a service to the general public is not sufficiently profitable and it is also hard to compete with Slack and Discord there.

And in the end all the open-source enthusiasts will be left standing in the rain as the open Matrix federation is so over-engineered and has been developed with a “make it work somehow, fix it later” mindset, that without significant developer resources it will break under its own weight sooner or later.

Eh… article behind a paywall. But yes Mozilla’s finances and top management are sadly extremely sketchy… basically they are bought opposition by Google. Sadly, as Firefox is a really important part of the web and works quite well.

3ein Monat

https://wiki.debian.org/Arm64Port has a link to the daily builds of the netboot installer.

But given the typical non-standard boot requirements of ARM SBCs, you are probably better off with getting a system image for your specific board from Armbian or a similar such non-official spin of Debian.

I recently looked at this, but for a regular Linux gamer I don’t see much benefit of using this over regular Fedora. With a little bit of tweaking you get 90% the same result, without being depenend on a project with a bus-factor of one.

I guess if you are specifically interested in game streaming via OBS it might be worth it though.

Edit: ah. My comment was about Nobara in general. But it basically applies to this Silverblue spin as well.

Odd question. Did you ever have a look at Github? Its a fully fledged social media platform.

AFAIK this is mainly focused on federating issues and issues comments, as well as pull requests for interoperability between forged. But I guess you will also be able to subscribe to reposity activity/release feeds and user activity feeds.

Great to read that one of the focus areas of Forgejo will be ActivityPub federation.

Same issue on LinageOS 18 (Android 11).

0.0.22 on LinageOS 18 (Android 11) with a previously configured slrpnk.net account.

Edit: I cleared all the app storage and cache, uninstalled and reinstalled, but still the same issue, immediate crash on start.

Latest Jerboa version from F-Droid crashes on start
Was working fine before.

Finally what looks like a music player that doesn't get in your way with unnecessarily complex music library features. I need to test it a bit more, but looks great so far.

In Munich at least the “not invented here” syndrome also played a significant role, with them rolling their own Linux distribution and then not keeping it up to date, thus causing frustrations with users due to outdated software.