I work on the Mellium project and sometimes on XEPs. Bike mechanic during the day, but also sometimes freelance software development.

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I will say that it’s worth being careful: there’s no option for a backup XMPP account (so your account better have perfect uptime) and I very rarely have incoming phone calls actually work (calling out works, calling in is pretty random, most of the time it doesn’t even ring). Also the UI on the client is still pretty bad (especially for group texts, which are almost unusably bad).

All that being said, it’s a great service, just know what you’re getting into before you make it your primary phone number, it’s not nearly as polished as they make it sound.

Bicycles group chat!
Do you like #bicycles or #cycling? Do you also use an #xmpp compatible chat service? Join our new group chat at [bicycles@conference.samwhited.com](xmpp:bicycles@conference.samwhited.com?join). Hopefully this can become a fun community space to share pictures, post routes, and generally chat about bicycles. [Join us!](xmpp:bicycles@conference.samwhited.com?join)

Oh nice, some of the GSoC projects are really interesting this year!

A new initiative from the folks at jmp.chat creates a fediverse compatible hosting solution that eventually aims to integrate with XMPP!

This release fixes RFC 3920 session building ([#3468](https://lab.louiz.org/poezio/slixmpp/-/issues/3468)), improves certificate errors handling, and adds an XEP-0454 (OMEMO Media Sharing) plugin. The python cryptography package is required to use the XEP-0454 plugin.

New Community: /c/accessibility
Join us in a new community space dedicated to accessibility concerns in clients and the network more broadly! We hope to see you there.

Taking the Temperature
What are your thoughts on Lemmy so far? I'd love to know how people feel about it; what could be improved; etc.

There is a fundraiser (money managed by the XSF, the project and developers aren't related though) to add history support to the Matrix/XMPP bridge Bifrost, check it out, and possibly throw them a few bucks if you're frequently bridging to Matrix rooms!

Temporary Registration Restrictions
Hi all, there was a wave of spam this evening so I’ve temporarily required moderator approval to create a new account or community. If this causes any issues, please let me know. Thanks!

Should the default community be meta or general?
Someone mentioned that they don't have a good place to post releases for a community that's not on this instance. Maybe we should make this default group a more general group? It can still be for discussion about the instance too (or we can have a separate /c/meta if we think people won't want them together). What do others think? (the sidebar already says this is for general discussion, so this is really about whether we should rename it and/or split the group in two)

Anyone want to make an icon for the support room?
Over on /r/xmpp they get a lot of questions about how to configure a server and what not, so I decided to make a home for those sorts of questions here when the community isn't on Lemmy over at /c/support. Would anyone like to design an icon or possibly a header banner for /c/support community? It would be nice to spruce things up a bit!

What types of communities should be allowed?
If someone creates a community for their XMPP project, that should obviously be allowed. But what about tangentially related technologies or XMPP-focused general discussion communities? Eg. would an IETF KITTEN Working Group community be disallowed because it's not specific to XMPP (not that they're likely to create a group, I was just trying to think of something tangentially related)? What about a group to discuss XMPP Security or XMPP UX that's not specifically tied to a project or group? It may be worth us developing a policy on this early on to stop conflicts before they arise and to stop having to grandfather in to many groups if we decide later that they're out of scope.

oh drat, doesn’t look like their federation support actually lets you subscribe to groups in other lemmy instances yet? Oh well, soon I hope!

Welcome to Lemmy!
Oops, hi again all; I am just learning to administer a Lemmy instance and accidentally deleted all my posts. Not to worry though, feel free to re-introduce yourself here, and welcome to lemmy!