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bspwm \o/

But when I’ve used a full DE I always go with XFCE

Wow, radicle has a lot more progress on it compared to when I last saw it like 2 years ago! I’ll have to check it out.

I’ve also recently discovered stagit and I think it’s even lighter than cgit. It’s pretty much just static pages that have to be regenerated with every new commit, but it’s super easy to set up.

I understand the issues people bring up on initial download/install user-friendliness. Debian has needed a site upgrade for ages now, and that doesn’t mean JS-ridden or anything. Just an easy-to-read and more up-to-date with what makes a clean, simple site. There’s a lot more to find on the Debian site so it’s wouldn’t be 1:1, but the site for Void Linux is clear on distro info and how/what to download.

That’s all Debian needed, a good site that points unfamiliar users (something like if you’ve never installed Linux) to the non-free firmware installer. For everyone else, the default ISO will work or they’ll know to get the non-free. Bundling in the proprietary by default just flies in the face of everything Debian’s stood for since its inception.

25 years after its initial ratification, the Debian project has voted to amend their Social Contract to allow proprietary firmware in the installer
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xbps-src on Void is very similar to Arch’s PKGBUILD. The only thing Void doesn’t have is a user repository akin to the AUR, but it’s entirely possible if the community wanted to created a “VUR” of some sort.

I’m not even sure how much can be done. Western corporations might pitch a fit but I don’t think Linus would ever consider something that negatively impacts Linux. And given the pivot in the last few years towards the hawkish attitude the US now has towards China has not done anything to impact Linux, I think it would be safe.

Plus even though the FOSSbro libertarians are a scourge upon, well, FOSS, I’ve seen more majorities from that segment that would agree (for different reasons) with us that Linux shouldn’t be touched to negatively impact $US_ENEMY.

Thank you GPL for existing

I don’t know enought about it but Cuba also uses Linux or is transitioning more towards it in some capacity.

Linux Lived, Linux Lives, Linux Will Live
cross-posted from: > Russia is beginning the process of transitioning from Windows to Linux. Most likely as a way to avoid sanctions and to no longer be under the control of a US multinational corporation.

Linux Lived, Linux Lives, Linux Will Live
Russia is beginning the process of transitioning from Windows to Linux. Most likely as a way to avoid sanctions and to no longer be under the control of a US multinational corporation.

Absolutely brutal

About Hurd

In short: just say NO TO DRUGS, and maybe you won’t end up like the Hurd people.

What do people think of "The Cloud"™️?
Professionally or personally (got my idea from [this thread]( Maybe it's because I don't work with it directly, but I don't see the benefits other than people not wanting to manage the servers themselves. It adds complexity (eg SQL Server vs SSAS) while putting your data behind some amorphous entity where you don't know what goes on. And for communists it's a privacy nightmare. Convenience shouldn't be a selling point when you have no idea what anything you're putting up there is bring used for or if it's accessed at all. Google Drive, Telegram, Discord, have all been said that they use "The Cloud"™️ and make it easier for people to use. We live in a world where tech envelops almost every aspect of our lives, yet the amount if basic knowledge people have is abysmal. There really needs to be attempts to taking computers seriously and not assuming everything is friendly. People should be aware that "The Cloud"™️ means some corporate entity controls your data, that "encrypted" messaging is not safe when done through software controlled by Facebook, or that using Windows puts your trust entirely in a company that has never deserved it.

Return to monke web1.0. Not even a joke, modern brutalist websites are wonderful to navigate

People want “flashiness” nowadays. I’ve had to deal with this line of thinking far too often. I’d much rather have a simple site as a collection of links: it loads quickly, looks clean, and it’s easy to maintain.

No surprise that the US doesn’t trust something they can’t control. The fact they’re worried about Linux but not about Mac and Windows kernels says a lot on trust one can place on the latter two

The amount of libertarian ideology present in FOSS is shocking

Hell yeah, the people’s republic should never rely on closed-source software, especially Western