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Being an utter ignoramus is sort of a prerequisite for being a liberal. Once a person learns a modicum of history, then it quickly becomes impossible to reconcile reality with liberal ideology.

What’s even more wild is that many Americans are convinced that they have the best healthcare in the world.

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It takes stunning amounts of historical illiteracy for people to believe that capitalism is a beneficial system for humanity. Most people who promote capitalism have absolutely no idea what the actual effects of this system are.

Sure, and the state itself ultimately represents the class that holds power, so both private and public sector media tends to paint a similar narrative.

A lot of it does come from the government initially, but then people reproduce it unconsciously all on their own.

lol I always forget that it exists

Last I checked NATO invaded Yugoslavia, Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan, but I guess people in those countries don’t have blue eyes and blond hair so racists posting these memes don’t care about them.

best browser we have

thanks for letting us know that you’re seething and coping

Nowadays it’s getting hard to tell whether something is a modest proposal or a genuine sentiment.

It’s going to be interesting to see how things scale up if there is going to be a significant influx of users with Reddit making changes. Mastodon went through some growing pains during Twitter migrations. ActivityPub can also have problems with content that gets popular and gets shared massively. I expect there are going to be lots of interesting problems to solve as the network starts scaling up.

Oh yeah, once those stop working I think a lot of people will start looking at alternatives. Might be a tiny percentage of overall userbase that moves, but it could be a huge influx from Lemmy perspective.

Yeah, I was curious about Lisp for a while, but just couldn’t get into it until Clojure came out. I find the additional syntax for data literals makes a huge difference in readability. Janet takes a lot of the good parts of Clojure and packages them into a nice and small runtime.

Babashka is another similar project I can highly recommend. It’s a Clojure runtime compiled against Graalvm, so it’s also very lightweight and has instant startup. The nice part with Babashka is how batteries included it is. You have an HTTP server, you can connect to Postgres, parse JSON, etc. all works out of the box. And you can even do REPL driven development against it. You just run bb --nrepl-server and connect the editor to it. For example, here’s a full blown HTTP server that can be run as a script:

#!/usr/bin/env bb
  '[clojure.pprint :refer [pprint]]
  '[hiccup.core :as hiccup]
  '[org.httpkit.server :as server])

(defn handler [{:keys [uri server-name request-method]}]
         [:p "URI: " uri]
         [:p "server-name: " server-name]
         [:p "method: " request-method]]])})

(server/run-server handler {:port 3000})
(println "serving on port 3000")

It’s even more insidious than that. Majority of the population needs recurring income to operate. This includes private individuals and businesses. When the crash happens and people aren’t able to sustain a level of income to service their costs then lots of people become insolvent and are forced to sell off their assets for pennies on the dollar. This is great news for billionaires who can then swoop in and buy up everybody’s assets on the cheap. This is why crashes always lead to further wealth concentration.

Reminds me of the joke how you never ask for help with Linux and instead just say Linux sucks because it can’t do X. Then somebody will inevitably write up a detailed step by step guide on how to get X to work with Linux.

Literally admitted earlier that you did not know what platform Zelensky ran on. I have repeatedly pointed out the problems with your comments. Feel free to go read them until you comprehend them. Since you evidently have the need to have the last word, I’m going to stop here.

I don’t see any point since it’s obvious this isn’t a constructive discussion. If you’re genuinely interested then go read up on the history of Ukrainian politics since the Maidan coup and why Zelensky was elected. This information is publicly available.

This all has been explained to you repeatedly in this very thread.

The problem is with the people in the west selectively caring about only about the bad things western adversaries do, and sleep while their governments and western allies do them.

What you keep admitting here is that you have absolutely no idea regarding the subject you’re attempting to debate. Not sure why you felt the need to provide opinions on a topic you’re utterly ignorant of.