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I鈥檓 looking forward to test too, is the performance better compared to the Linux kernel?

yea for serious projects which should stay free GPLv3 is a really good choice. On my fun projects I chose wtfpl 馃檭

鈥 And yellow against yellow馃お

Gitlab Community edition self hosted. E.g with my arm64 Docket Image. The source code can be found on my instance, gitlab and github 馃檪

already Updated without any issues

This is a Test Post, to see if Comments are synced

This is a Test Post, to see if Comments are synced

This is a Test Post, to see if Comments are synced

version 0.0.19 is not starting on my phone (Oppo find X2 neo with ColorOS 12.1 / Android 12)

Sadly only for the business edition鈥 Will it be available for the community edition someday too? yes it will come for the community edition too. That are great news馃檪

Cross Post Button Missing?
Hi, Is it possible to cross Post with jerboa? In lemmur there's a button for that. Additionally, which app is considered to be used in the long term? Seems both are maintained, so is it just a matter of taste?

Sadly I cannot upvote multiple times馃檪

Using anonymous search engines e.g instances from helps escaping the bubble 馃檪

鈥ny help is highly appreciated :)

IIRC the nextcloud talk is based on XMPP, though unfortunately not (yet) fully compatible to external client鈥檚

Still Sync issues with mp-tube channels
Hi, I still have sync issues with The subscribed Peer Tube instances. for example I'm subscribed to ! with my instance: but the new Posts(Videos) are not autmatically synced. If I click on a Video on the original mp-tube site e.g.: and enter that URL in the Search bar of my instance, it is successfully fetched from the site, and after that occurs in my subscribed channel. Is it a known Issue with subscribed peertube channels? is there a solution or any way I can investigate deeper? Thanks in advance :)

W眉nsche auch allen einen sch枚nen Sonntag. Ich m枚chte den Lemmy Entwicklern allen Instanzen und Inhalt erstellern danken, f眉r ein so sch枚nes system das einfach aufzusetzen ist und dadurch die Diversit盲t und Unabh盲ngigkeit im Netz f枚rdert.

Keep up the great work!鈽猴笍

Issue with syncing Comments of a Comment
Hi, I have a weird behaviour of Syncing Comments. According to the [Troubleshoot]( section for testing synchronisation, it should be possible to retrieve comments via: `curl -H "Accept: application/activity+json" # the id of a local comment` That works for Comments which are **direct** responses to a post, e.g. The response (shortcut url: can be successfully retrieved via: `curl -H "Accept: application/activity+json"` **But** The Answer Comment to that Comment: (Shortcut url: **can not be retrieved** via : `curl -H "Accept: application/activity+json"` This leads to the issue that these Comments are not synced to **my** instance Is it a known issue? Can I do anything to get Response Comments to Comments Synced to my instance? Thanks in advance Jonny

Hello Lemmy!
This is my Lemmy instance, and I'm leaving this comment to pass the moderation to my "regular" account

PGadmin4 backup/restore not working via uwsgi and nginx reverse proxy
Hi, I have exactly the same problem as described here: I'm using the latest [pgadmin4 version 6.11]( via uwsgi and nginx reverse proxy. And when I try to use the backup feature I see exact same error: ` /home/my_username/.local/bin/uwsgi: unrecognized option '--host' getopt_long() error ` has anyone a solution for me? :)

strange warnings in lemmy logs
Hi, I see following errors in my lemmy logs on my own instance `lemmy_1 | 2022-07-05T08:06:03.416701Z INFO HTTP request{http.method=POST http.scheme="https" otel.kind="server" request_id=57a27d45-23be-41f2-966c-f356df0c3618}:shared_inbox: lemmy_apub::http: Received shared inbox activity {"@context":["",{"stickied":"as:stickied","pt":"","sc":"","matrixUserId":{"type":"sc:Text","id":"as:alsoKnownAs"},"sensitive":"as:sensitive","comments_enabled":{"type":"sc:Boolean","id":"pt:commentsEnabled"},"moderators":"as:moderators"},""],"actor":"","to":[""],"object":{"actor":"","to":[""],"object":"","cc":[""],"type":"Like","id":""},"cc":[""],"type":"Announce","id":""} lemmy_1 | 2022-07-05T08:06:03.433116Z WARN Error encountered while processing the incoming HTTP request: lemmy_server::root_span_builder: error:0909006C:PEM routines:get_name:no start line:../crypto/pem/pem_lib.c:745:Expecting: PUBLIC KEY lemmy_1 | 0: lemmy_apub::http::receive_activity lemmy_1 | at crates/apub/src/http/ lemmy_1 | 1: lemmy_apub::http::shared_inbox lemmy_1 | at crates/apub/src/http/ lemmy_1 | 2: lemmy_server::root_span_builder::HTTP request lemmy_1 | with http.method=POST http.scheme="https" otel.kind="server" request_id=57a27d45-23be-41f2-966c-f356df0c3618 http.status_code=400 otel.status_code="OK" lemmy_1 | at src/ lemmy_1 | LemmyError { message: None, inner: error:0909006C:PEM routines:get_name:no start line:../crypto/pem/pem_lib.c:745:Expecting: PUBLIC KEY, context: "SpanTrace" } ` and when I try to follow a peer tube instance I see: `lemmy_1 | 2022-07-05T08:07:05.628234Z INFO Websocket Request{trace_id=00000000000000000000000000000000}:perform{self=FollowCommunity { community_id: CommunityId(3), follow: true, auth: Sensitive }}:send:send_lemmy_activity: lemmy_apub::activities: Sending activity lemmy_1 | 2022-07-05T08:07:05.632872Z INFO Websocket Request{trace_id=00000000000000000000000000000000}:perform{self=FollowCommunity { community_id: CommunityId(3), follow: true, auth: Sensitive }}:send:send_lemmy_activity: lemmy_apub_lib::activity_queue: Activity queue stats: pending: 0, running: 1, dead (this hour): 0, complete (this hour): 0 lemmy_1 | 2022-07-05T08:07:05.634677Z INFO lemmy_apub_lib::activity_queue: Sending to lemmy_1 | 2022-07-05T08:07:05.791886Z WARN background_jobs_core::processor_map: Job errored: Processing(Send to failed with status 403 Forbidden: {"type":"about:blank","title":"Forbidden","detail":"Invalid signature","status":403,"actorUrl":"","error":"Invalid signature"}) ` are they related? does lemmy use public/private keys for a user? and are they somehow "broken"? would be really cool if someone could help to investigate. By the way I use the Installation Guide for [Docker]( and already dropped the old db/pictrs data and re-created my instance with blank data folders. But the errors stay the same. Thanks in advance :)

Why Does Scrum Make Programmers HATE Coding?
some of the reasons I've experienced myself, and find them absolutely true